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May 07, 2008

Shukor Idrus at Starmetro

KUANG assemblyman Abdul Shukor Idrus, always has the people’s interest at heart.

“I know the people's concerns here in Kuang and the surrounding areas like Sungai Buloh, Kundang and Batu Arang. Many people here are low-income earners who need a lot of help to make it through the day,” said the 42-year-old who was born and bred in Kuang.

“So, I am working with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to help the poor, disabled and single mothers in this constituency.

“In fact, even before the elections, I used to take out money from my own pocket to help people but I did not want any publicity because this is my duty to help my fellow villagers, friends and the people here,” he said.

Abdul Shukor added that with the increase in the price of rice, many residents in the villagers have approached him for help.

“In the constituency, there are eight villages with most residents having a household income of below RM1,000. Most of them are single parents with school-going children, old folks and the disabled,” he said.

“The price of chicken, oil, sugar, flour, onions, chillies and tea are rising and I urge the federal government to monitor the prices to lessen the people's burden.

“There is also a need to develop Kuang town. There should be more banks, post office and business centres to accommodate the people living here,” he said.

Abdul Shukor, who loves shoes and rings, is a great fan of English Premier League club Chelsea. He also loves bowling but does not have much time to play his favourite sport.

Since becoming an assemblyman, Abdul Shukor has opened his service centre at Batu 18 1/4 Kuang. The centre is open from 9am to 5pm, every Monday to Friday.

He is usually in the office at the same time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

StarMetro: How much time do you spend on the computer?

Shukor: I hardly have the time to do so as I’ve got so much of work to see to the people’s needs.

StarMetro: What kind of music do you listen to? Name a favourite song.

Shukor: Ballad songs. My favourite song is Epilog Cinta Dari Bromley by Sohaimi Mior Hassan.

StarMetro: Are you into movies? Name a favourite movie.

Shukor: I like movies but have no time to watch them. I like action- packed movies by Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris.

StarMetro: Are you into English Premier League football? What’s your team and favourite player?

Shukor: Yes, I love Chelsea, especially its striker Didier Drogba.

StarMetro: What’s your favourite sport?

Shukor: Bowling, I love to play but I only manage to do it once a month.

StarMetro: Who is your favourite sports star?

Shukor: Brazilian footballer Zico and former French international Michel Platini.

StarMetro: Got a nickname? How did it come about?

Shukor: Thor. I don’t know how it came about.

StarMetro: What is your usual drink?

Shukor: Teh O. I have been drinking it since I was young.

StarMetro: What languages do you speak?

Shukor: Malay, English and Minang-kabau.

StarMetro: Do you smoke?

Shukor: Yes, A little.

StarMetro: What is the gadget you can’t do without? (Handphone, PDA, laptop, etc)

Shukor: PDA, it is my eyes and ears to the world and people can contact me easily.

StarMetro: What’s your favourite food?

Shukor: Asam Pedas Ikan Terubuk. Especially when my wife makes it. I sweat each time I eat this dish and it is delicious.

StarMetro: You have a weakness for ....(hi-fi, the latest handphone, golf clubs, cars, shoes, etc)

Shukor: I love shoes and rings and I have a huge collection of them. Although they cost a lot, I buy them because I like them.

StarMetro: Do you have a pet?

Shukor: 15 Persian cats. I like them because they are cute.

StarMetro: What car do you drive and how long have you had it?

Shukor: Toyota Harrier. I’ve had it since 2005.

StarMetro: Name an idol (dead or alive) whom you look up to and why.

Shukor: Sukarno. Because he was a dedicated leader and fought for the people’s rights. I also love his character.

StarMetro: Any phobia? Scared of spiders, enclosed spaces, etc?

Shukor: I hate snakes because they are dangerous and creepy.

StarMetro: Name your favourite actor and why?

Shukor: Sylvester Stallone. He really plays the role well in action movies and brings out the character.

StarMetro: Favourite actress, and why?

Shukor: Fauziah Nawi. She is a great actor.

ADUN Profile :

Full Name: Abdul Shukor Idrus
Party: Umno
Age: 42
Marital Status: Married
Number of children: Five
Hometown: Batu 18 1/4, Kuang
Profession: Full-time politician
Constituency: N13 Kuang
Service centre: Batu 18 ¼ Jalan Kundang, Kampung Setia, 48050 Kuang.
Contact Number: 03-60384167.

p/s: Serving the people is Syukur priority .....great job YB


Mak Su said...

byk hr x dpt masuk sini, akibat panahan petir kot.... wah, saya pun suka lagu dari suhaimi mior hassan, sama plaks citarasa kami ek, hihihi

puteri said...

rehat sebentar. =D

Isi ruang kosong di bawah dan hantarkan kembali kepada saya.

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puteri said...

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